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May 2016 Archives

If Ohio fails to act, unemployment penalties will cost millions

For a business in Ohio with employees, unemployment insurance tax is one of many taxes that must be paid. In the last decade, during the recession, many businesses closed and many employees were forced into the unemployment roles. This increase quickly exhausted the state's Unemployment Insurance trust fund reserves and Ohio needed to obtain federal money to make up the shortfall.

Preparing Your Estate? A Tax Lawyer Can Help

So you're ready to start planning your estate. The truth is, many people put off this vital responsibility for far too long, often to the detriment of their estate and their loved ones. Fortunately, you are ahead of the curve now and ready to go. But who are you going to turn to as you get started? What type of legal assistance do you need?

Ohio legislators consider Ag taxes

Ohio uses a rather complex formula to calculate property taxes for farmland. Instead of paying a percentage of the presumed value of the land, as is the case for most residential homeowners, farmer's property tax is calculated on the current use of the land.

The prospect of a tax audit

Tax audit. You only have to say the words to feel some discomfort. Sure, you prepare and pay your taxes every year, but you know you are not a tax expert. You may even hire a CPA or a tax attorney to assist with your tax planning or the preparation of your taxes. But the prospect of undergoing a tax audit by the Internal Revenue Service may be one of the more unsettling interactions you or your business may experience.

Is the CAT out of the bag?

This week, the Ohio Supreme court heard oral arguments in a case that one of the justices suggest will not be decided with their decision. The question involves the Ohio Commercial Activity Tax and the state's imposition of it on out-of-state retailers.

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