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November 2017 Archives

Cities dispute Ohio’s power over local taxes

Governor John Kashich’s two-year budget plan, which allows business owners to file taxes with the state of Ohio rather than their city of residence, is being challenged by a group of Ohio municipalities. Over 100 towns and cities are filing suit in an attempt to block several of the budget bill’s tax provisions.

Wrapping up the tax year for your small business

Owning a business demands a lot of your time. You more than likely put a great deal of your time and effort into making it a success. Part of the time and effort you put into your business involves a plethora of paperwork. Depending on the nature of your business, certain state and federal agencies require you to submit certain documentation for a variety of reasons.

Marriage and divorce in the GOP tax bill

Marriage and divorce are two of the bigger things that can happen in a person’s relationship life. They can also be big events when it comes to a person’s taxes. Getting married or divorced can have major impacts on the rules, challenges and opportunities that are present for a person when it comes to taxes. So, when either of these big events occurs in a person’s life, among the things they may want to seek legal guidance on is what the event means for them when it comes to their tax planning needs.

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