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February 2019 Archives

Important info on tax refunds and payments

Once we go through all the headaches of putting our taxes together and filing them, the next step is hopefully waiting for the refund to come. That can seem like an excruciating wait, particularly if there is a spring vacation that would be much more fun with that extra cash on hand. However, the government is a little backed up at the moment because of the shutdown, so the wait may be longer than normal. Nevertheless, according to the IRS, nine out of 10 refunds go out within 21 days.

Mediating disagreements about what to do with property

Siblings may have been raised in the same family, but they rarely have the same financial issues when inheriting money unless there is a trust that manages the estate. The more common scenario is for brothers and sisters to inherent the family home and/or other properties and they disagree on what to do with these assets that everyone has equal interest.

Small business tax tips for 2019

Small business owners have major tax filing deadlines on the horizon, which are March 15 or April 17 for many of them. If everything is going according to plan, they have now figured how to tackle the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. Ideally, they paid the right amounts or perhaps they will even get a refund. Nevertheless, there is always ways to do better, so we now offer some tax tips for small businesses as they go through the second year of the new system.

Baseball player's estate caught in limbo

Many will remember the tragic death of Kansas City Royals pitcher Yordano Ventura, who died January 22, 2017 in a single-car crash. While contracts are an important part of professional sports, or any job for that matter, some will be surprised to note that the Royals have not paid the remaining $20.25 million guaranteed to Ventura, whose five-year-old daughter is the sole heir of his estate.

Was your divorce final last year? What happens to your taxes?

After all of the media coverage surrounding the new tax laws last year, you probably heard that if you suspect you will either pay or receive alimony, you should finalize your divorce before Dec. 31, 2018. Whether you managed to reach an agreement out of court or let the court resolve your divorce issues, you were single on Jan. 1.

5 Tips for getting a house ready to sell

Selling a home or property is one of the biggest business deals that most Americans will ever handle. This can lead to a lot of stress and even frustration. While different real estate experts have different approaches to preparing a property for selling, owners can also help their property to stand out by spending some time, money and effort to getting that it ready. The goal is to make it appealing enough that buyers want to move in or consider it a good investment.

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