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Rental property is a good investment in..

The price of real estate is has gone up considerably in the last few years here…

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Handling the breach of a real estate..

People and businesses generally expect the details of a contract to be honored once it is…

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Determining the value of a business when..

The biggest question when selling a business is trying to determine its value. Whereas a selling…

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What is the tenant improvement allowance?

Residential rental properties will often get a fresh coat of paint before new tenants move in.…

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5 Tips for getting a house ready..

Selling a home or property is one of the biggest business deals that most Americans will…

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Clean titles ensure that real estate transactions..

Real estate transactions are biggest financial deals that many of us ever engage in. At the…

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Sears sells off remaining assets

The epic saga of Sears has entered a new and possibly final chapter. The 132-year-old retail…

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6 Tips for buying commercial real estate

The family home will be most American’s biggest investment. However, many individuals and businesses engage in…

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