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Post-deadline tax law tips

This tax season has been one of the most complicated and confusing in recent memory. Of…

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IRS expands leniency on filing

The first tax year under 2017’s Tax Cuts and Job Creation Act has left a lot…

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Employers: update your cybersecurity training to avoid..

If you work in a large corporation, you’ve probably undergone mandatory information security training every year…

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IRS gives more time to challenge wrongful..

The IRS has announced that the Tax Cuts And Jobs Act of 2017 provides more time…

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Study shows that 6 percent of Americans..

If you were to hazard a guess, do you think that Americans are less likely to…

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Debunking some common myths about tax audits

When many people imagine a tax audit, they picture shadowy IRS agents combing through tax returns…

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When an Ohio company is subjected to..

For Ohio business owners, there are a variety of situations that can be very alarming ones.…

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What might trigger an audit?

Sometimes an audit happens by chance, but in many other cases, it happens because of some…

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