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Resolving Tax Collection Actions In Ohio

You are behind on your taxes, and they are in no mood to give you a break. From threats of wage garnishment to seizure of your assets and your property, the tax collectors are turning your life into a nightmare. If this sounds like your life right now and you are near Toledo, Ohio, you need Mockensturm, Ltd.

Do you have IRS, state or local tax problems? We can help you stop collections actions and provide solutions to all of your tax issues. Call 419-442-7764 or toll free 800-718-0722 to schedule an initial consultation with our Toledo tax collection attorneys.

Putting A Stop To IRS Liens, Levies And Wage Garnishment

If you are facing collections actions, the first thing you need to realize is that you have nothing to be ashamed of. It is time to focus on moving forward and minimizing the damage. Many people fail to file a return one year and then, out of fear of what will happen, fail to file a return the following year. This can lead to tax authorities such as the IRS, the Ohio Department of Taxation and the City of Toledo coming after you. We can help.

You are not familiar with the tax authorities and what it takes to deal with them. We are. As long as we are involved, we can stop collections actions, levy actions, property seizures and wage garnishments. Our staff has the respect and trust of the tax authorities and is trusted to resolve these issues and work toward a resolution.

Relief For Your Tax Headache

We combine a deep knowledge of federal, state and local tax law with the staff firepower to get the job done for you. Contact us today for a consultation with our tax lawyers.