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The advantages of a Roth IRA

Many of us have heard the term “Roth IRA” and may even understand that it is…

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Tax settlement companies may not offer the..

Problems with taxes and the Internal Revenue Service can affect anyone. You may think you are…

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6 Tips for buying commercial real estate

The family home will be most American’s biggest investment. However, many individuals and businesses engage in…

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Knowing when and how to contest a..

Thinking about contesting a will during probate is a fairly common part of the process for…

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Year-end tax advice for small business owners

The end of the year is coming up fast, particularly for small business owners. While there…

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Estate planning and special assets

The internet has made it easier to sell or determine the value of collectable objects. Nevertheless,…

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FTC shuts down overseas real estate scam

Real estate investments can be risky, particularly when it is for property outside the United States.…

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Unwrapping the mystery of probate

After a loved one dies, you and your family will likely experience many endings and closings.…

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