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Toledo Construction Law Attorneys Assisting Contractors And Other Businesses

The construction industry depends on contracts to function. However, the process of negotiating a contract for a large, multimillion-dollar project can be complex, even for an experienced contractor. All parties involved can benefit from the assistance of an experienced attorney when  drafting, negotiating, reviewing and enforcing a construction contract. We can also help when you get involved in a dispute with one of the other parties. Mockensturm, Ltd., has more than a century of combined experience in construction law. We help minimize the risk of litigation and forcefully represent our client’s best interests if a dispute arises.

The parties to a construction contract can get into a dispute over virtually any aspect of the agreement, such as:

  • Cost
  • Time frames and deadlines
  • Materials used
  • Performance in a way other than agreed upon in the contract

We routinely help our business clients resolve complex construction disputes in and out of court. Our clients count on our professionalism and deep understanding of how to handle these matters to reach an outcome that avoids unnecessary delay and expense.

Construction Lien Lawyers

Also known as a mechanic’s lien, a construction lien is a legal proceeding in which one party to a construction or remodeling project puts a claim on the property. Often, the party seeking a construction lien is a subcontractor claiming the contractor has not paid them as agreed. Even if the property owner is not directly involved in the dispute, their ability to sell or obtain a loan based on the building could be affected. We represent all types of parties involved in a mechanic’s lien filing and work toward a reasonable solution.

Construction Fraud Defense

A contractor, subcontractor, or other business accused of fraud could have their reputation and ability to operate at stake. We represent construction companies accused of fraud and those who have been defrauded of money or materials.

To discuss your construction law needs, call Mockensturm, Ltd., in Toledo at 419-792-1143 or reach us online to schedule an initial consultation. Our team of legal professionals represents clients throughout northern Ohio.