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Your Advocates During An Ohio Sales Tax Audit

A sales tax audit usually begins when you receive an Audit Commencement Letter from the Ohio Department of Taxation. This is just the start of the process, which can take months to complete.

When you are facing an audit, you need an advocate on your side who has experience representing businesses in Ohio sales tax audits. At Mockensturm, Ltd., we have that experience. When you work with our firm, you have a team of lawyers and CPAs on your side. We can help you understand the process and protect your business interests throughout the audit.

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The Sales Tax Audit Process

A sales tax audit is a formal review of your finances and records to determine if your business paid the correct amount in taxes. An audit can be started for a number of different reasons, including changes in the law, discrepancies in past tax returns and similar events.

When the Ohio Department of Taxation chooses to audit a business, they notify the business by sending an Audit Commencement Letter. The review process may include:

  • Preliminary meeting and tour of your facilities by the auditor
  • Review of your financial records
  • Final review meeting to go over the auditor’s recommendations
  • Assessment

The time it takes to complete the audit will vary depending on the records the auditor needs to review. We can help you understand how the audit will progress in your case and the penalties you may be facing. Our attorneys can also help you prepare for each step of the audit to ensure your business interests are protected.

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Put Our Attorneys On Your Side

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