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Legal Support for Debt Collection

Our attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience in the area of creditor representation both in and out of bankruptcy. We have helped banks, credit unions, small loan licensees, suppliers, and those in the building trades recover money that was due them. We have represented both large and small creditors in foreclosure actions, and in the recovery of personal property pledged as collateral for their loans (these actions are known as replevin actions). We have represented creditors in matters before the bankruptcy courts in all types of bankruptcy cases.

We offer contingency collection arrangements as well as conventional hourly and unit pricing (in consumer collections only) depending on the circumstances presented. Sometimes the only way to get paid is to file a lawsuit and use the powers of the court to collect what is due. We encourage a discussion of how a collection matter can best be handled. Sometimes it does not make sense to throw good money after bad, and if we think we can produce payment through litigation we will take a case for a percentage-of-recovery fee. Under such an arrangement the client would only pay the costs unless money was recovered, in which case our fee would be a percentage of the sum recovered.