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Toledo Receivership Law Firm

The attorneys and CPAs of Mockensturm, Ltd., are experienced at representing receivers and acting as receivers themselves.

Legal Support For Receivers

We advise receivers and represent them in court and when dealing parties to litigation. Our services include:

  • Filing key motions, such as Discharge Motions and Motions for Instructions
  • Getting court approval for sales of real or personal property
  • Interim and Final Fee Approval Motions
  • Arranging for public auctions
  • Defending the receiver against lawsuits and claims

Acting a receiver for a business or individual means we are acting as a responsible fiduciary for that party during the term of receivership. Being a fiduciary has legal implications in Ohio. A receiver must act in the business’s best interests at all times or be potentially liable for losses related to things as diverse as probate, divorce and business transactions. A successful receivership preserves the business’s operations and property until a lawsuit is resolved or the company has returned to profitability.

At the same time, the receiver is an agent of the court. We handle court filings and hearings to ensure that everything goes smoothly and to the judge’s satisfaction. Our years of experience and deep understanding of the receivership process in Ohio guides our actions with every receivership we deal with.

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