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Toledo Homeowners Association Attorneys Experienced On Both Sides

Homeowners associations (HOAs) help condominiums and other multihome communities handle maintenance, repairs and other vital tasks. However, homeowners and HOAs frequently come into conflicts that can turn into litigation. The real estate attorneys and CPAs at Mockensturm, Ltd., successfully represent both homeowners and HOAs. Our team focuses on finding equitable and cost-effective solutions to these disputes.

HOAs And Homeowner Disputes

Each HOA in the Toledo area has its own bylaws and Declarations of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) governing the rights and responsibilities of each homeowner, as well as the HOA board. When the HOA accuses a homeowner of violating the rules (or vice versa), litigation may result. Our team of experienced litigators and other professionals always seeks an alternative path when possible to save our client time and money. They are equally capable of providing excellent service to HOA boards and homeowners.

Confronting Controversies With Outside Vendors

HOAs frequently deal with vendors and other third parties to provide repairs, routine maintenance and other necessary services. A disagreement over performance and contract terms with an outside business can leave an HOA with the results of an incomplete or shoddy job. If it refuses to pay, the third party might respond with a filing for a mechanic’s lien. It is vital for Toledo HOAs to work with one of our real estate lawyers to determine the best course of action.

Some Of Toledo’s Leading HOA Law Professionals

Our team of professionals helps some of the largest homeowners associations in Toledo and the rest of northern Ohio assert their legal rights and protect their financial health. To discuss your HOA-related dispute, please contact Mockensturm, Ltd., at 419-792-1143 or use our online form.