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Tim Conway’s family at odds over care of actor

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2018 | Estate Planning

Tim Conway is known for his goofy antics and oddball characters in films as well as on television shows, particularly as a member of the Carol Burnett Show cast. Sadly, the 84-year-old actor now suffers from an advanced form of dementia and lives elder care facility.

There is now a legal battle being waged over his care between his daughter, Kelly, and his second wife, Charlene, who is not Kelly’s mother. The issue is that the daughter claims that the wife wants to move the comedian to a different health care facility that does not have the same high standard of around-the-clock care by registered nurses as well as a full time aid and speech therapist for Conway. The comedian is currently unresponsive, unable care for himself at any level and needs the speech therapy for such basic functions as swallowing.

Daughter seeks conservatorship

The oldest of Conway’s seven children, Kelly Conway is seeking conservatorship that would allow her control over her father’s healthcare decisions and ensure that he receives his prescribed medicine.

The daughter claims that moving her father would endanger his life and has won a temporary restraining order against Charlene, which means that the wife cannot move the actor until a judge renders a decision. In the meantime, a third party representative is looking after the actor’s interests.

Conservatorships protect the vulnerable

While the laws on conservatorship here in Ohio are different than California, these estate law tools are designed to enable a family member, friend or interested party to look after the best interests of an adult unable to do so on their own. Depending on the arrangement, it can cover everything (general) or specific areas (limited) such as medical care decisions. This will be determined during hearing in probate court.

Attorneys can guide you through these complicated situations. If you feel that an elderly loved one is not receiving the care they need from a family member, it may be necessary to follow the lead of Kelly Conway and take legal action.