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April 2016 Archives

When unpaid tax debts are just too much to handle

For many people in Toledo and throughout Ohio dealing with back taxes, fighting with the IRS and creditors can be incredibly frustrating. You may owe a significant tax debt and feel as if you'll never be able to pay it back. The good news is that there are protections in place to help you get out of debt and start over.

Did you forget something on your income tax filing?

With the income tax filing deadline of April 18 just past, few people probably want to think any further on taxes or their liability for their payment. At least, not for a few months. Unless you have to pay quarterly taxes or estimated taxes, most who file need not worry about income taxes for a few months.

Do I need to hire a tax attorney if I'm being audited by the IRS?

For individuals and businesses in Ohio and throughout the country, receiving a notice or letter in the mail from the IRS can be a confusing, even frightening experience. Perhaps you are being audited, accused of criminal tax evasion, or are the target of an IRS criminal investigation.

Ohio farmers struggle with high taxes

Farming in Ohio has plenty of challenges. There is always the weather, where springtime flooding, a broiling summer drought or a late-season hail storm can leave a framer with little to show for a year's toil. There are commodity price fluctuations that may be influenced by a bad crop in Russia or economic instability in Asia.

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