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Do I need to hire a tax attorney if I’m being audited by the IRS?

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2016 | Tax Law

For individuals and businesses in Ohio and throughout the country, receiving a notice or letter in the mail from the IRS can be a confusing, even frightening experience. Perhaps you are being audited, accused of criminal tax evasion, or are the target of an IRS criminal investigation.

Regardless of why the IRS is placing you under scrutiny, it’s important to address the issue with the help of an experienced tax attorney. Rather than face these issues on your own or by simply working with your financial adviser, your lawyer can provide you with the information, advice and representation to work with the IRS and reach a solution.

At Mockensturm Limited, we will put more than 50 years of tax experience to work protecting you and your business.

So why should I hire a tax lawyer?

Most people simply have no idea how to properly respond to an audit or other IRS issues. When a notice arrives, they ignore the problem hoping it will go away. The truth is that ignoring the problem will only make it worse.

Below are a couple of ways our attorneys can help:

The resources you need: At our firm, we are a team combining the skills of CPAs as well as trained tax attorneys.

A blended approach: We take a holistic approach to handling cases as we bring together a wealth of training, experience and first-hand knowledge of various industries and tax-related issues ranging from real estate, business and estate planning.

Attorney-client privilege: Should your tax dispute go to trial, you don’t want to run the risk of having your CPA or other adviser testify against you. As your attorneys, you are protected by attorney-client privilege. In short, when you hire us, you can feel confident confiding in us as we work to find a solution.

Providing options: A financial adviser or CPA may offer some suggestions or point you toward settlement options, but the truth is, they are not lawyers with the training and knowledge necessary to handle your case. We are attorneys who know the tax laws, keep up to date with changes to the codes and laws, and are well-equipped to look at all possible options for resolving tax debt and tax disputes.

When the IRS comes calling, don’t ignore the problem. Learn how our team at Mockensturm Limited can help protect you or your business.