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Ohio ranked ninth for average federal tax liability

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2017 | Tax Law

With tax day just having passed, federal taxes can be fresh on people’s minds. How much federal tax liability do people here in the U.S. generally have? Well, reportedly, in 2016, the national per-person average for federal taxes paid was $8,943. This includes income, estate and payroll taxes.

A recent Associated Press analysis looked at what the average federal tax bill is in the different states and Washington D.C. There was a great deal of variation in these averages. The analysis indicates that residents of Ohio have a relatively high federal tax liability.

According to the analysis, the average overall federal tax liability for residents of Ohio is $10,735. This is the 9th highest level in the country. It also exceeds the tax liability level of all of Ohio’s neighbors. Pennsylvania was the only one of Ohio’s neighbors to even make it into the top 25 for average federal tax bill; it was ranked 15th.

And this is just an average. Some residents of Ohio can be dealing with a much higher federal tax bill.

A big tax bill can pose many challenges for a person. Sometimes, it proves to be more than a person can handle, and they end up incurring a federal tax debt. Having a federal tax debt can have all kinds of significant ramifications. So, when a person here in Ohio ends up with such a debt, it can be important for them to promptly talk with a skilled tax lawyer about what they can do about their situation and what steps they could take to try to minimize the tax debt’s impacts on their life.

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