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Starting a tech startup away from major tech hubs

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2017 | Business Law

There are certain areas in the U.S. that are well-known for being tech hubs, such as Silicon Valley. However, a person doesn’t have to set up camp in one of these hubs to start a new tech business.

In fact, choosing to locate in a city not widely considered a major tech hub could have advantages for an entrepreneur looking to get a tech startup off the ground. For one, being away from the big and developed tech competitors that tech hubs tend to have could give a new tech business more room to grow and stand out. Also, smaller and less tech-identified cities can have many things a small startup may find helpful when launching, including shorter commutes for owners and workers, affordable office rents and unique sources for talent.

Many things can impact how a tech entrepreneur’s efforts to tap into these benefits and start a new tech company away from major tech hubs go. Among these is how carefully they address the unique business regulations and startup legal concerns present in the location they’ve selected when kicking off their business. Skilled Ohio business law attorneys can provide entrepreneurs who are thinking of starting a tech business here in Ohio with guidance on the legal matters related to launching a new business in the state.

There are other things that an entrepreneur might find helpful when starting a tech startup outside of tech centers. For example, among the tips a recent Forbes article gave on this front were:

  • Setting reasonable initial goals.
  • Looking into how one’s business can help grow the community.
  • Keeping an eye out for unique sources of talent.

What tips would you give to tech entrepreneurs looking to set camp up here in Ohio?

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