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End-of-the-year tax tips that you should know

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2017 | Tax Law

With the cold Ohio winter upon us, spring may be the last thing on your mind. Before you know it, though, spring—and tax season—will be here.

That’s why it’s best to start thinking now about how you can minimize your tax payments. With the end of the year approaching, you should consider a few tips for how you can minimize your taxes before next April’s deadline.

Contribute to your 401(k) and HSA

You have until December 31, 2017, to contribute to your health savings account, and until April 17 of 2018 to contribute to contribute to your IRA. Maximize your contributions now to minimize your taxes later.

Don’t buy a mutual fund just yet

If you are considering buying a mutual fund, you might want to hold off until next year. Purchasing a mutual fund right now could result in a tax bill for its year-end dividends. Rather, find out when the mutual fund’s distributions are made so that you know the optimal time to purchase it.

Capitalize on your capital losses

Perhaps some of your stocks have depreciated in value, costing you money. You can sell stocks that have depreciated in value and deduct up to $3,000 on your federal tax return. Be aware that if you do sell these stocks, there is a law against buying the same or similar stocks within 30 days.

Make a charitable donation to avoid RMD taxes

Senior citizens who are required to take a minimum distribution from their IRAs have the option of making a charitable donation with the money. A distribution that is used for living expenses must be taxed—but if you choose to donate it instead, the full amount will be given to charity.