Spotlight on our firm’s client-first structure and philosophy

Spotlight on our firm’s client-first structure and philosophy
On Behalf of Mockensturm, Ltd | Jul 07, 2018 |

Admittedly, there are lots of law firms that dot Ohio’s landscape. And like Mockensturm Ltd., some of them devote their primary attention to more than one practice area.

Often, though, and despite such similarity, it is the material differences between firms that are underscored for potential and actual clients who take a studied look at the underpinnings of a legal practice. What motivates its success? What centrally drives its employees?

We have an abiding and demonstrated passion for the broad-based work we do at the Toledo law firm of Mockensturm Ltd., on behalf of a diverse and valued clientele. Our credentialed and dedicated staff truly believes that our firm offers a client experience marked by an exceptional commitment to service and an optimal outcome.

The firm welcomes readers’ close scrutiny of our practice areas via a video entitled Extended Spot FINAL that discusses our core beliefs and diligent client focus.

We hope that what we seek to centrally impart through that format rings crystal clear, namely this: Mockensturm Ltd. has a strong and ongoing legal presence because we truly are a client-first entity.

Perhaps CPA Jennifer Miller, who heads our tax division, puts it best when she notes that we feel privileged to seek winning legal solutions for clients across a wide universe of concerns primarily because “we can help them.”

And we pass along the comment of attorney Brandon Rehkopf, principal of our legal department. Brandon notes in our video that a key prerequisite to our informed advocacy in all matters “is learning about people’s lives, what they do and what’s important to them.”

Candidly, what’s important to you is what is important to us. We welcome contacts to the firm to discuss any matter of concern relating to tax or business/probate legal matters.

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