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Commercial tenant rights in Ohio

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2018 | Real Estate

Commercial tenants in Ohio enjoy many of the same rights as residential tenants. But really, it breaks down to the lease contract that both sides sign to determine what those rights and obligations are. Experts agree, it is always crucial to go over important contracts with a lawyer, particularly one with real estate law experience if a business is looking to rent a new commercial space. Not only can a lawyer point out any loopholes or other issues a landlord may use to their advantage, they can help negotiate the lease to ensure that it is binding in a court of law.

Common commercial real estate disputes

Businesses deals sometimes end up in dispute. A real estate agreement is no different. Common areas of dispute include:

  • Breach of lease
  • Excessive late fees
  • Overcharging rent
  • Maintenance obligations
  • Repairing damage to property
  • Partial or no return of deposit
  • Hidden fees
  • And many other issues

Commercial tenants have rights

Regardless of whether the landlord is negligent or outright unscrupulous, guidance from a real estate lawyer can help foster the viability of a business by representing the tenant’s interests. Whether this is through the negotiation of a contract, mediation in a dispute or fighting for a client’s rights in a court of law, lawyers can handle legal concerns while owners and managers focus on operating a successful business.