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Bowling Green Tax Controversy Attorney

The tax codes of Bowling Green, Ohio and the United States are complex and satisfying all of your tax obligations each year can feel like an extraordinary challenge. Unfortunately, many people make mistakes with their taxes that lead to costly penalties. Tax controversies can arise in many ways, and Mockensturm Ltd. can provide the professional legal support you need to navigate your tax case successfully.

Legal Representation for Bowling Green, OH, Tax Controversies

Mockensturm Ltd. has years of experience guiding clients in Bowling Green, OH, and surrounding areas through the complex and tedious tax regulations that apply to their unique situations. Local, state and federal tax laws can impose very demanding requirements on taxpayers in virtually every tax bracket. Guidance from an experienced tax attorney is invaluable for navigating these issues effectively and avoiding the severe penalties that often follow tax violations, even unintentional ones. Mockensturm Ltd. offers a wide range of tax services designed to help our clients overcome their tax controversies in the most streamlined manner possible.


If you have been notified of any type of tax controversy regarding your taxes at the city, state or federal level, this is likely due to either unintentional errors with your taxes or intentional obfuscation of your tax liabilities. In rare cases, the Bowling Green Tax Department, Ohio Department of Taxation and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) make clerical errors that require extensive procedures to rectify. Whatever your unique tax controversy case may entail, our team can carefully review the details of your situation and help you determine the best available solution.

Attempting to handle any tax controversy without an attorney is extremely challenging. The average person may not necessarily need legal representation for their tax offense case, but managing the situation effectively is much easier when you have an experienced Bowling Green, OH tax controversy attorney on your side who knows all of your available legal options. Ultimately, you can save yourself a tremendous amount of stress and potentially reduce the economic impact of resolving your tax controversy by working with a reliable Bowling Green, OH, tax controversy lawyer.


The City of Bowling Green, Ohio Department of Taxation and the IRS uses various methods to collect owed taxes and penalize individuals who fail to meet their tax obligations as required by their tax laws. Mockensturm Ltd. can provide comprehensive legal representation for tax controversies such as:

  • Collections. If you have overdue taxes that you have failed to pay to the City of Bowling Green, Ohio Department of Taxation or the IRS, your tax bill may eventually go to collections. Dealing with debt collectors is rarely easy, and their repeated calls and other collection attempts can quickly become overwhelming. In many cases, collection agencies are willing to settle owed debts for less than the total amount owed. However, convincing a collection authority to accept a settlement is difficult without legal representation. A Bowling Green, OH, tax controversy attorney is an ideal asset if you are facing collection activities and need a resolution as soon as possible.
  • Offers in Compromise. An Offer in Compromise can potentially allow you to settle an owed tax debt for significantly less than the total amount you owe. Securing an Offer in Compromise requires completing a substantial amount of paperwork and making a compelling case to the Ohio Department of Taxation or the IRS. Mockensturm Ltd. can help you file an Offer in Compromise and possibly prevent you from having to pay the full amount of your owed taxes.
  • Audits. When the City of Bowling Green, Ohio, Department of Taxation or the IRS suspects inaccuracies in an individual’s or business’s tax records, they may conduct an audit. An audit is an extensive investigation of the subject’s tax records, and facing an audit can be an incredibly stressful experience. A Bowling Green, OH, tax controversy lawyer can help you gather the records and documentation you will need to approach the audit process with confidence.

These are just a few of the most common tax controversies Ohio taxpayers might encounter. It’s vital to understand the severity of these tax-related legal processes and the potential penalties you could face for unpaid back taxes.

Any tax controversy has the potential to generate extensive legal proceedings and entail heavy fines. Overcoming your tax debt can seem impossible if you do not know the legal mechanisms in place that might help your situation. Mockensturm Ltd. can help you understand your best available legal options for handling these challenging situations effectively.


Even if you have been paying taxes for years and think you have a firm grasp of the tax codes that apply to you, confronting any tax controversy can be incredibly distressing and challenging. This is especially true when you see a massive bill for owed taxes and have no idea how you could manage to pay it. Your Bowling Green, OH, tax controversy lawyer can be an essential lifeline in this situation, not only assisting you in navigating your case effectively but also potentially helping you settle your case for a fraction of the total owed debt.

The attorneys at Mockensturm Ltd. understand that no two tax controversy cases are exactly alike. We also understand the sense of desperation that confrontation with the City of Bowling Green, Ohio Department of Taxation or IRS can cause. Our team will take the time necessary to carefully review the details of your situation, review all pertinent information in your case, and determine the best available remedies to the tax controversy you currently face.

We understand that your current tax controversy is likely creating significant pressure on you, your household, and potentially your business. No matter what your case entails, the Bowling Green, OH, tax controversy attorneys at Mockensturm Ltd. can provide the detail-oriented legal counsel you need to navigate your case as swiftly as possible, ideally minimizing the amount you must pay to local, state, and federal tax authorities. Contact us today and schedule your consultation to learn more about the tax controversy services our team offers.