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Ohio Tax Lawyers Here For Your Tax-Related Issues

At Mockensturm, Ltd., you can rely on us to help you with your tax-related needs, such as IRS problems, tax relief, appeals and audits. We understand that businesses and individuals can face serious consequences with the IRS when their tax issues are not resolved.

We are Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax lawyers who take our clients’ tax-related needs seriously. By reaching out to us, you are getting the benefit of a licensed certified public accountant (CPA) who is dedicated to negotiating the best resolution for a tax issue. Our firm is located in Toledo, Ohio and we can equip businesses and individuals with the skills and knowledge to efficiently resolve tax issues.

We Offer A Range Of Tax Services For Businesses

If you are a business owner, then you can get tax advocates who have extensive knowledge and experience resolving issues with the IRS at Mockensturm, Ltd. We have protected clients from the IRS when it’s trying to seize important business assets, garnishing wages, placing levies and doing other confiscatory actions. The biggest issues we see from clients who own businesses are payroll tax issues. We have also helped nonprofits and tax-exempt organizations organize themselves to stay compliant with tax laws.

Seeking Representation As An Individual

Many of our clients are self-employed. When they fall behind on their taxes, the IRS often sends tax collectors to hound them. These clients have had the IRS take many aggressive punitive actions to satisfy tax debts, such as seizing real estate, vehicles and other assets or imposing bank levies. We are tax relief attorneys who can devise options that can help you resolve any tax difficulties with the IRS before it takes action.

Why Choose Mockensturm, Ltd., For Your Tax Problems?

Our clients often deal with complex tax matters that cannot be resolved without our help. People who wait too long or try to represent themselves often end up waiving their taxpayer rights. We assist clients by settling tax debt or achieving reductions to tax debt or penalties.

You can reach out today to schedule a consultation with us by calling our firm at 419-792-1143 or completing our contact form.