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As an American citizen, you deal with a multitude of taxes every day. From the basic sales tax you see on products in stores to your income tax being taken directly from your paycheck, you’ll likely deal with hundreds, if not thousands, of different taxes throughout your lifetime. Because of this, it makes sense that people occasionally find themselves struggling with their taxes. By hiring an expert tax attorney to assist you, you can trust that your federal, state, and local taxes will be handled properly.

Mockensturm, LTD: Tax Services That You Can Count On

When it comes to filing your taxes, there are a variety of important details that you need to pay close attention to. Here at Mockensturm, LTD, our team has extensive knowledge of the world of law and taxes, allowing us to assist our clients with federal, state, and local taxes in whatever way they might need. From yearly tax preparation to filling out tax return forms, our experienced attorneys and CPAs can work with you to take care of your taxes correctly. With years of experience dealing with the IRS and working with different Bowling Green families, no other legal team can deliver the high-quality, compassionate tax services and legal advice that we can.

Tax Services We Provide

By working with our team at Mockensturm, LTD, you can benefit from a wide range of legal services. Some of the tax services we provide here in Bowling Green include:

Business Payroll Taxes

As a business owner, you are responsible for paying a variety of taxes, both state and federal. One of those taxes is your business’s payroll tax. This federal tax funds government programs such as Social Security and Medicare, and as an employer, you are held responsible for taking these taxes from your employees’ paychecks. This means you are also in charge of sending in the money you withheld to the IRS.

Complex International & Cross-Border Tax Issues

Both individuals and businesses alike face taxes when moving funds or products internationally. Whether you have real estate internationally or retirement assets in other countries, it’s important to make sure you file and pay your taxes correctly with the help of an expert, especially since offshore assets often draw attention from the IRS.

Delinquent Payroll Taxes

If you accidentally fall behind on your business payroll taxes, you can face penalties such as high interest collections or even criminal charges. Unfortunately, many businesses struggle to pay their business payroll taxes each year, making past-due tax issues like delinquent payroll taxes common. Our attorneys can help you find a resolution to your issues as well as assist you with the different legal aspects you have to deal with as you work through them.

IRS Tax Collection

Our team is experienced in helping individuals who are facing collection action from the IRS. At Mockensturm, LTD, we can offer you advice unique to your situation and help find a solution that best helps you. While collection action can seem intimidating, there are ways to minimize the hit you may take.

Ohio Sales Tax Audits and IRS Audits

Audits are daunting. Most likely, no matter what you do, you will still owe some amount of money to the government. With that said, using expert legal representation to help you carefully file all paperwork and present your side of the story is crucial. Don’t let an audit make you feel helpless.

Assistance For Tax-Exempt Organizations

As a potentially tax-exempt organization in Bowling Green, you must work through a specific process that allows you to achieve that status, including filing a 501(c)(3) form. With our assistance, we can help you determine whether you are eligible for tax-exemption and assist you in the legal processes that follow. Even tax-exempt organizations are still required to inform the government of their operations.

Why You Need An Experienced Tax Attorney

Filing your taxes correctly requires care and attention to detail. Unfortunately, sometimes even when you think you have filed correctly, issues can still appear. For example, sometimes, individuals can accidentally use a comma or decimal in the wrong spot on their income tax form. While this might be a common and mindless mistake, the IRS takes these issues extremely seriously. This means that even if you were unaware of the mistake, you may be audited or face potential charges for forging your forms. Working with an experienced legal team you can trust, like us here at Mockensturm, LTD, can not only help with ensuring your taxes are done correctly, but it also gives you peace of mind knowing they were taken care of by a professional.

Tax Service FAQs

Q: What Is a 1040EZ Form?

A: The 1040EZ form is a simplified version of the original, more in-depth 1040 income tax form, which can be filed by individuals who are eligible.

Q: What Is Bowling Green City Tax?

A: Every state and the cities within them have different taxes, such as income and property taxes. In Bowling Green, your city taxes are taken to help fund municipal programs and projects such as fixing the roads or helping the public school system.

Q: Who Must File a City of Bowling Green Tax Return?

A: Every working citizen that earned an income in the city of Bowling Green must file a tax return.

Q: What Does H&R Block Do?

A: H&R Block is one of the most commonly known businesses that provide tax services across the country.

Bowling Green’s Tax Experts

Whether you’re a business owner or a waitress, filing your taxes properly is vital. At Mockensturm, LTD, we are dedicated to helping our clients prepare for, file, and work through any issues that may come up with their taxing process. We understand just how difficult it can be to try and keep up with your taxes while also handling the other chaotic aspects of your life. That’s why we offer both expert tax services and legal advice for individuals across Bowling Green. To learn more about our legal services or how we may be able to assist you with your taxes, feel free to contact us today.