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Fremont Tax Controversy Attorney

Taxes are one of the most commonly cited economic pain points for Americans in every tax bracket. When tax controversies arise, the affected taxpayers can feel distressed and isolated in the face of substantial tax debts and associated penalties. If you have recently discovered that the City of Fremont, Ohio Department of Taxation or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has raised any issue regarding your tax history, you need legal support you can trust to navigate your case successfully. A City of Fremont, OH, tax controversy attorney can be the most valuable lifeline you can have on your side when you are facing an expensive tax bill and the severe penalties that are likely to accompany it.

City of Fremont, OH Legal Support for Navigating Tax Controversies

Mockensturm Ltd. offers years of experience navigating tax controversies at the local, state, and federal levels on behalf of our clients in City of Fremont, OH, and surrounding areas. We know how distressing it can be to discover that you are expected to pay an expensive tax debt and face severe penalties for owed taxes. Some tax controversies arise from deliberate misconduct, such as failing to report income or obfuscating tax liabilities. However, many tax controversies arise due to a lack of awareness of relevant tax codes and taxpayer responsibilities. Whatever your tax controversy case entails, the tax controversy lawyers at Mockensturm Ltd. can provide the guidance and support you need in this challenging situation.


If you are facing an expensive tax debt and associated penalties, it is natural to wonder why you should invest in legal services when you are already experiencing financial turmoil. The reality is that your tax controversy attorney can potentially help you resolve your tax debt and avoid further penalties, ultimately reducing the total cost of your tax controversy by a significant margin.

While you may not technically require legal counsel to resolve your tax controversy, the right tax controversy attorney can potentially make a tremendous difference in the outcome of your case, helping you resolve the issue for much less than you may have initially anticipated. These savings and the ability to put the issue behind you can easily justify the cost of hiring your City of Fremont, OH, tax controversy attorney. Mockensturm Ltd. has years of experience providing a wide range of tax-related legal services, and our team can offer the comprehensive and client-focused legal guidance you need to resolve your tax controversy as quickly and inexpensively as possible.


Local tax authorities throughout Ohio, the Ohio Department of the Treasury, and the IRS all have unique mechanisms for securing owed tax debts from taxpayers. Some controversies pertain to failure to report income; others manifest from discrepancies with tax returns and income records. Although rare, it is possible for clerical errors on the tax authority’s part to lead to extensive legal proceedings.

Mockensturm Ltd. can help you navigate your tax controversy case effectively, helping you avoid ongoing penalization and assisting you in handling the complex paperwork and documentation requirements your case is likely to involve. Some of the most common tax controversies Ohio taxpayers experience include:

  • Collections. The City of Fremont, Ohio, Department of Taxation and the IRS have specific procedures in place for collecting owed tax debts. However, if a debt remains unpaid too long, it will likely transfer to a collection agency. Collection agencies are far more aggressive when it comes to their collections activities, and many people who must deal with these agencies feel isolated and harassed by their constant collection attempts. Mockensturm Ltd. can help you address collection activities appropriately, potentially resolving your unpaid tax debt for less than you actually owe and minimizing the total amount you need to pay to resolve the issue.
  • Offers in Compromise. City, state and federal tax authorities are sometimes flexible when it comes to resolving taxpayers’ controversies. An Offer in Compromise is a common method used to minimize tax debt liability and reduce taxpayer penalties, allowing the taxpayer to settle their tax debt for much less than they technically owe. If you want to secure an Offer in Compromise, you must navigate complex tax codes and complete an extensive application process. Your City of Fremont, OH, tax controversy attorney can assist you in securing the Offer in Compromise you need to address your tax debt legally with the minimum possible payment.
  • Audits. Facing an audit can be an incredibly stressful experience. The City of Fremont, Ohio Department of the Treasury and the IRS have respective auditing processes they use when they notice significant discrepancies in a taxpayer’s tax records. Audits sometimes arise from a taxpayer’s deliberate misconduct but more often manifest from honest mistakes and calculation errors in tax filings. Whether your household or business faces an audit, our team can help you resolve the issue as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Any tax controversy is much easier to address when you have support and guidance from an experienced City of Fremont, OH, tax controversy attorney. Mockensturm Ltd. can offer the comprehensive legal counsel you need no matter what type of tax controversy you currently face.


Tax controversies are time-consuming, tedious, and stressful ordeals that often require navigating obtuse tax codes and regulations at the state and federal levels. Mockensturm Ltd. has years of experience guiding clients in City of Fremont, OH, and surrounding areas through their tax controversy cases. We understand that no two clients will face the same situation.

We take time to get to know every client we represent to ensure our team provides faithful and client-focused legal representation. Our team understands the local, state, and federal tax codes that apply to Ohio residents and provides the legal counsel they need to handle their tax controversies effectively. Once you discover that any tax authority is pursuing collections against you or you face any other type of tax controversy, it is essential to take swift action to avoid the worst potential penalties your situation might entail.

The City of Fremont, OH, tax controversy attorneys at Mockensturm Ltd are ready to assist you with your tax case. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and learn how our firm can help you settle your tax dispute.