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Taxes are a common issue for Americans at all levels of society. While some individuals and businesses face heavy tax burdens, others encounter problems with their tax return filings and other interactions with local, state, and federal tax authorities. If you have recently received any official communications from the City of Defiance, the Ohio Department of Taxation, or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), your situation may seem hopeless and desperate. The reality is that most people who experience tax controversies with IRS, state, and local tax authorities often have more options available to them than they initially realize.

Legal Representation For Defiance, OH, Tax Controversy Cases

Mockensturm Ltd. offers comprehensive and compassionate legal assistance for Defiance, OH, taxpayers involved in controversies with the City of Defiance, Ohio Department of Taxation, and/or the IRS. The average person with minimal knowledge of the federal, state, and local tax codes would likely have significant problems navigating their case successfully. The right attorney can not only help you settle a tax debt or handle another tax issue more easily but also potentially save you a significant amount of money on any outstanding tax bills.


“Tax controversy” is a relatively broad term that can apply to many different situations. It’s possible to face a tax controversy case related to unpaid taxes, tax penalties, misclassified income, and various issues related to business taxes. Americans owe taxes at the federal, state, and local levels, and it’s possible for tax controversies to arise at any of these levels. Navigating these issues can be incredibly challenging, and it is easy for anyone facing a tax controversy of any kind to feel lost and hopeless. Working with an experienced Defiance tax controversy lawyer can help you approach your current situation with clarity and confidence.

Attempting to resolve any tax controversy without legal counsel would be incredibly difficult. These cases often involve careful interpretation of obtuse tax regulations, especially those enforced at the federal level. Additionally, there is usually a significant delay between the time a tax controversy technically arises and the point at which it becomes a legal issue. For example, you could receive notice of an issue with your tax filings from several years ago, and revisiting your financial records for the period in question can be very tedious and time-consuming.

Working with an experienced Defiance tax controversy attorney provides valuable reassurance. In addition, your legal team can offer guidance and support as you navigate the legal proceedings involved with your tax controversy. The attorneys at Mockensturm, Ltd.., have years of experience helping Defiance, OH, clients with a wide array of tax controversies at the local, state, and federal levels. We know how to retrieve the financial records you will need to resolve your current tax controversy. We also know the best methods for resolving these issues with a minimal economic impact on you and your household.

Tax controversies can pose significant financial challenges to those involved. In addition, you could face substantial penalties, fines, and even criminal charges depending on the nature of your tax dispute. However, this is not a hopeless situation as long as you have reliable legal counsel on your side. Mockensturm, Ltd.., will aggressively investigate the details of your situation, help determine your best strategies for resolving your tax controversy, and guide you through the complicated proceedings ahead.


While you may be concerned with the potential penalties involved in your current tax controversy, these legal issues present many challenges that a taxpayer must be prepared to confront. First, resolving your current tax controversy will likely require extensive research and recovering years of tax records. You may need to produce a wide range of financial records, from transaction histories to bank statements and your business’s payroll records. The average person may struggle to recover all of the documentation required to resolve their tax controversy.

Navigating the procedures involved in most tax controversies is very difficult. If you have received any formal notice from a local, state, or federal tax authority regarding a tax controversy, the notice likely contained very explicit instructions for resolving the issue or proceeding with the next steps of the issue. These notices are often worded quite strongly, and this can create a sense of enormous pressure for the taxpayer.

Depending on the nature of your current tax controversy, you may also struggle to fulfill your typical business operations or manage your household. Knowing that you could face expensive fines and other penalties can make it difficult to focus on your day-to-day obligations. Individuals in this situation often feel panicked, frantically trying to recover all of the documentation they think they need to solve the problem as quickly as possible, but they are unlikely to know all of the possible resolutions available to them.

Working with an experienced Defiance tax controversy attorney is the best way to resolve this demanding situation. No matter what your current tax controversy involves, hiring legal counsel you can trust will allow you to rest and focus on your everyday obligations with peace of mind, knowing your case is in trustworthy hands.


Tax-related legal issues are incredibly complex. Even seemingly straightforward issues can be very difficult to resolve as these cases typically involve tax codes and regulations. Moreover, the average person is likely to struggle with interpreting the legal statutes in play in their tax controversy. In fact, most Americans use tax preparation services to file annual tax returns, and the average American has minimal understanding of tax laws at the federal, state, and local levels.

A tax controversy attorney specializes in the interpretation of obtuse tax codes and regulations for the benefit of their clients. Successful legal counsel in any tax controversy requires a careful, nuanced review of all relevant tax laws and a firm understanding of the client’s tax liabilities at all levels. Many tax controversies stem from honest mistakes and miscalculations but resolving these seemingly straightforward problems is usually more difficult and expensive than the average taxpayer realizes.

Tax controversy attorneys are the ideal legal resources to consult whenever you are accused of violating local, state, or federal tax regulations. It’s easy to feel blindsided by tax controversies, especially if the IRS or Ohio Department of Taxation raises an issue concerning previous years’ tax filings. Tax controversies can also be especially difficult for business owners. It’s possible for an Ohio taxpayer to face serious legal issues with both individual taxes and their business’s tax requirements.

Your Defiance tax controversy attorney will carefully review your tax records, income, and various other financial records to help you prepare for your tax controversy proceedings. Some tax controversies can be resolved through correspondence with the relevant tax authorities and clarifying discrepancies or paying overdue tax obligations. Other, more complex controversies may entail litigation in tax court. Facing any type of courtroom proceeding will be much easier when you have an experienced tax controversy attorney representing you.

Why Should I Work With A Defiance, OH, Tax Controversy Attorney?

Facing any tax controversy can easily feel like a hopeless situation. Most people have a passing knowledge of their state and local tax codes, but seeing an official notice from the City of Defiance, Ohio Department of Taxation, or the IRS can be very daunting, even if the situation seems straightforward at first. Some tax controversies arise from the intentional actions of the taxpayer, but most of these issues manifest from honest mistakes, clerical errors, and miscalculations. While it may not seem like it to the taxpayer, a Defiance, OH, tax controversy lawyer can often resolve these issues relatively easily.

Mockensturm Ltd. has years of experience assisting our clients in the Defiance, OH, area with their tax planning and other tax-related legal issues. If you owe money to the City of Defiance, Ohio Department of Taxation, and/or the IRS for any reason, it’s vital to address the issue as quickly as possible. Penalties on unpaid tax debts can accumulate very quickly, ultimately leading to significant economic problems for the taxpayer and their family. Your Defiance, OH, tax controversy attorney can not only help you handle your case more easily than you might expect, but they can also identify the tax rules that work in your favor, potentially reducing the total amount you owe. It’s common for tax controversies to reveal both problems and opportunities to taxpayers. Your Defiance tax controversy lawyer can not only assist you in resolving your current issue but potentially help you alleviate your tax concerns for the future. Mockensturm, Ltd.., offers a comprehensive range of tax-related legal services, including legal counsel for tax controversies as well as tax planning services. If you have encountered any issue regarding your taxes, we can help you resolve it effectively and assist you in preventing further tax problems in the future.


Legal counsel is a crucial asset when facing any type of tax controversy in Ohio due to the simple fact that tax laws are incredibly complicated and challenging for the average person to fully understand. Defiance, OH, taxpayers face a wide range of tax obligations, and it’s essential to have some working knowledge of your basic tax obligations and liabilities. Mockensturm, Ltd.., takes pride in guiding clients through complex tax controversy cases. Our team has extensive experience with a wide range of legal issues regarding tax controversies and has successfully helped many past clients resolve their tax controversies effectively.

Tax Laws For Individuals

Every Ohio resident will have some level of tax burden. Most taxpayers will automatically pay local, state, and federal income taxes through paycheck deductions. At the end of a tax year, an employee will receive the appropriate tax forms from their employer to file a tax return. However, there are many ways to earn income, and not every Ohio resident has a standard form of employment. For example, if you are an independent contractor or are self-employed, your tax obligations are a bit different from an individual who receives a W2 form from their employer each year.

In addition to different tax rules for several types of work, individuals in Ohio must file their taxes appropriately based on the status of their family and household. Parents can receive tax credits for their children, and married couples have the option of filing joint tax returns to alleviate their personal tax burdens. If you have encountered any tax controversy regarding your individual taxes, a Defiance tax controversy attorney can provide the guidance you need to resolve the issue as efficiently as possible.

Tax Laws For Business Owners

Owning and operating a successful business in Ohio can be incredibly rewarding, but it is also very demanding on the business owner. Many Ohio business owners work with tax professionals to assist them in meeting their business tax obligations, but tax controversies may still arise for many possible reasons. If you are a business owner and receive notifications about any issue with your business’s tax records at the local, state, or federal level, this can feel like an incredible disruption to your business operations. Depending on the severity of the issue, you could reasonably fear for the future of the business you have built.

Mockensturm, Ltd.., routinely works with Defiance, OH, business owners in resolving their tax controversies. We understand how difficult it is to run a business. Maintaining meticulous financial records can be a challenge. In addition, the average business owner may not know how to effectively resolve a tax controversy while simultaneously managing their day-to-day business operations. Whatever your unique situation entails, our team will carefully review your financial records and prior tax filings to uncover the root of your current tax controversy, guiding you through the necessary steps to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Our team can also provide valuable tax planning guidance for business owners, helping them reduce their tax burdens and make more effective financial decisions for their businesses’ futures.

Ohio Gambling Tax Laws

Gambling in approved casinos is legal in Ohio, but it’s important for all gamblers to know that their winnings qualify as taxable income according to the IRS, the Ohio Department of Taxation, and various Ohio cities. All gambling winnings are “ordinary income” for tax purposes, and it’s vital to understand how your tax liability may change after winning money gambling. All Ohio casinos must withhold 4% of a gambler’s winnings that breach the threshold for reporting. This threshold can be anywhere from $600 to $5,000, depending on the situation. These withholdings are paid to the state on a quarterly basis, and the casino must provide a Form W2G when a gambler meets the requirements for taxation on their winnings.

Gambling winnings are also subject to local taxation in Columbus at 2.5% for both residents and non-residents, Cleveland at 2% for residents only, Cincinnati at 2.1% for both residents and non-residents, and Toledo at 2.25% to both residents and non-residents with a $2,500 exemption claimed via a Toledo City tax return. While Defiance, OH residents may not be subject to local gambling taxation in their own city, spending time in any Ohio city that requires gambling taxation for non-residents means that the gambler must remit the appropriate taxes to the corresponding local tax authorities.

If a casino, horse racing track, or any other gambling establishment does not provide a Form W2G, do not take this to mean you do not need to report the income from your winnings. The IRS and the Ohio Department of Taxation will expect tax payments regardless of whether the gambling establishment provided the appropriate form.

Tax Fraud

Tax fraud occurs whenever a taxpayer intentionally obfuscates their financial records to avoid paying owed taxes or obtain a more significant tax return than they qualify to receive. Tax fraud is a very serious offense, and facing an accusation of tax fraud can be incredibly distressing. Some of the most commonly reported examples of tax fraud include:

  • Claiming false deductions. It’s possible to lower your taxable income legally by claiming valid deductions. However, you may only claim deductions you legally qualify to claim.
  • Failure to report income. The IRS and the Ohio Department of Taxation enforce strict income reporting laws. Many people have multiple jobs, operate side businesses, and make money in numerous ways. If you earn any type of income, it is essential to determine whether the income is taxable under federal, state, or local law. If you intentionally fail to report taxable income in an effort to reduce your tax liability, this is tax fraud and can lead to severe penalties.
  • Claiming personal expenses as business expenses. Business owners are permitted to deduct necessary expenses to reduce their tax liabilities. However, these deductions must be pertinent to the business. Writing off personal expenses as business expenses is one of the most common forms of tax fraud in the US.

Unfortunately, many people are accused of tax fraud due to honest mistakes and calculation errors. Unfortunately, the IRS and Ohio Department of Taxation expect taxpayers to be accurate in all their tax filings. Even an honest mistake can lead to substantial legal complications with local, state, and federal tax authorities. If you have been accused of tax fraud due to a mistake in past tax return filings or any other controversy, you need legal counsel you can trust to guide you through a positive outcome to your case.

Tax Evasion

Simply put, tax evasion is intentional failure to file a tax return when required to do so. Unfiled tax returns prevent accurate tax records from being maintained, and both individuals and business owners can face substantial problems when it comes to accusations of tax evasion. Simply forgetting to file your taxes isn’t an acceptable excuse for any tax authority, and failure to file taxes as required can lead to significant penalties.

Potential Penalties For Tax Crimes In Ohio

If an individual or business taxpayer is found guilty of any intentional tax crime, they will first owe back taxes for what they were initially required to pay. Beyond this repayment, they will likely face a fine and criminal penalties depending on the scope of their actions. Tax-related criminal offenses may qualify for a misdemeanor or felony prosecution, and the penalties can include fines, incarceration, asset seizure, and additional penalties for related criminal offenses.

Many tax fraud and tax evasion cases involve multiple charges. An individual accused of tax fraud may also face embezzlement charges, making false statements to investigators, and other forms of fraud. Ultimately, it is always best to verify your tax obligations with a legal professional and ensure you honestly meet all your tax liabilities. If you are unsure how to file your taxes correctly as an individual or a business owner, it’s vital to consult reliable professionals who can assist you.

In the event you are wrongfully accused of tax-related criminal offenses or charged with tax fraud due to an honest mistake, a Defiance tax controversy attorney is the ideal asset to have on your side. Mockensturm, Ltd.., can provide legal counsel for tax court at the state or federal level. Our team has successfully assisted many past clients in resolving their tax controversies effectively and minimized penalties for tax-related mistakes.

Common Tax Controversies In Ohio

Taxpayers in the Defiance, OH, area often encounter various tax controversies. Some of these issues relate to unpaid taxes or discrepancies in claimed income and deductions. Others are more serious and potentially pose heavy fines or even criminal penalties. The right Defiance, OH, tax controversy lawyer on your side can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. Mockensturm Ltd. can offer robust legal counsel in a wide range of tax controversies, including:

  • Offers in Compromise. Local and State tax authorities and the IRS are often willing to negotiate unpaid tax debts with some taxpayers. The Offer in Compromise option could potentially help you settle your unpaid tax debt for much less than the total amount owed, and the process is easier than you might expect when you have an experienced Defiance, OH, tax controversy attorney assisting you. Your legal team can help you gather the documentation you will need to submit with your Offer in Compromise and help you get the best possible deal.
  • Collections. When a tax debt is left unpaid for too long, eventually the tax authority may transfer the debt to a collection agency. These organizations specialize in debt collection and are typically quite aggressive in their collection attempts. If you have been harangued by collection agency representatives or tax authority personnel attempting to collect an unpaid tax debt, your Defiance, OH, tax controversy attorney can help. Mockensturm Ltd. will help you take advantage of applicable rules and regulations that can help you avoid further unpleasant collection activities and assist you in determining your best options for settling the tax debt.
  • Audits. Facing an audit can be a daunting experience. The City of Defiance, Ohio Department of Taxation, and the IRS all conduct audits when these agencies notice significant discrepancies with a taxpayer’s records. However, the audit process can be easily navigated with the help of an experienced Defiance, OH, tax controversy lawyer. Your legal team can help you gather any records and documentation you must supply for your audit and help you clarify the root of the discrepancy in question.
  • Tax court litigation. Some tax controversies will lead to courtroom proceedings. Facing a courtroom experience of any kind can be incredibly daunting for the average person, and having legal counsel you can trust is essential to navigating your proceedings effectively. Mockensturm, Ltd.., can represent you in tax court, helping you prepare for every courtroom session and advising you how to best respond to the proceedings as they unfold.
  • Tax liens and foreclosures. Some taxpayers can face significant penalties for mistakes in their tax filings. Liens against real property can make property transactions extremely difficult and interfere with various aspects of the property owner’s life. Foreclosure can be an incredibly distressing experience that feels hopeless. Our team can help you navigate any tax controversies pertaining to liens, foreclosures, and other tax-related penalties against your property.
  • IRS appeals. The IRS offers an appeal process for certain tax actions, but making full and effective use of the appeals process can be incredibly difficult. You must meet very strict procedural requirements in the appeals process. Success with an IRS appeal typically requires producing extensive financial records and meeting strict deadlines. You need legal counsel to provide guidance in this situation. Your Defiance tax controversy attorney can help you determine whether an IRS appeal would suit your interests and guide you through the process if so.
  • Ohio Board of Tax Appeals (OBTA) cases. The Ohio Board of Tax Appeals is the state’s administrative tax court, allowing individual taxpayers, business owners, and other entities an avenue to resolve tax controversies outside of the state judicial system. If you intend to file any type of tax appeal with the OBTA, we can assist you in your proceedings.
  • Installment agreements. If you owe a tax debt to the IRS or the state of Ohio, you may be able to resolve the issue without paying a large lump sum of back taxes. Installment agreements allow taxpayers to resolve their tax debts with payment plans. Instead of paying all at once, you can agree to installment payments over time that make resolving your tax debt more manageable. Your Defiance tax controversy attorney can help you gather the documentation you may need to prove your eligibility for an installment agreement and assist you in arranging the terms for the agreement with the appropriate tax authorities.
  • Real estate tax appeals. Property taxes can be significant issues for some Ohio residents, and resolving tax issues related to real estate is often quite difficult without legal counsel. Whether you are appealing your property taxes to the state or local tax authority or have encountered any type of tax problem related to a pending real estate transaction, a Defiance tax controversy attorney can assist you in resolving the issue.
  • Payroll tax controversies. Business owners must carefully manage their payroll obligations, both in terms of paying their employees correctly and deducting appropriate taxes from employees’ paychecks. Legal representation can be an invaluable asset if you are a business owner and your current tax controversy revolves around your payroll taxes. Your legal team can provide the support and direction you need to resolve the issue, allowing you the flexibility to continue running your business.
  • State tax settlements. Similar to the Offer in Compromise system provided by the IRS for resolving federal tax debts, the state of Ohio offers a system for settling owed state taxes. If you have room to negotiate a tax settlement at the state level, you can rely on a Defiance tax controversy lawyer to assist you in your settlement negotiation process.

These are just a few examples of how Mockensturm Ltd. can assist with tax controversies in Defiance, OH. Ultimately, most of these matters revolve around unpaid taxes. However, if you are dreading repaying a tax debt or have significant economic strains that prevent you from repaying what you owe, your attorney can potentially help you take advantage of specific mechanisms that allow you to address your tax debt effectively and prevent further frustrations with local, state, or federal tax authorities.


It’s common for every taxpayer to want to pay as little tax as possible at all levels. While various mechanisms are available for reducing tax liability, it is vital to understand how these options work and how to take advantage of them legally. Individuals, households, and businesses all have unique options available to them for reducing tax obligations. Working with a tax professional or tax lawyer is an excellent option for determining the best ways to legally reduce your tax liabilities. In addition, it’s common for taxpayers to discover they qualify for more tax breaks than they initially expected once they seek professional guidance.

Mockensturm, Ltd.., can not only represent you in a tax controversy case but also help you reduce the chances of experiencing a tax controversy in the first place with practical tax advice. We routinely help Defiance, OH, taxpayers with tax planning and can assist you in developing a uniquely tailored strategy that not only minimizes your tax obligations but also ensures you will not face problems related to your taxes in the future.


The majority of tax controversies that arise in Defiance, OH, regarding the Ohio Department of Taxation or the IRS can be resolved through some form of settlement process. There are various options for resolving different tax controversies, and your Defiance tax controversy lawyer can help you understand the benefits and drawbacks of each of your options.

In many cases, if a tax controversy pertains to unpaid taxes, it is possible to resolve the issue for less than the full balance owed. However, these resolution options change on a case-by-case basis. For example, if you owe a very large amount of back taxes, the relevant tax authority may be willing to compromise on a settlement for less than the total amount owed, but you may need to pay all at once. Conversely, it may be possible to arrange a payment plan to resolve your tax debt, but this may incur interest or penalties depending on the total amount owed and the requested time period for the payment plan.

Your Defiance tax controversy attorney can assist you in resolving your current case for the minimum amount possible. Mockensturm, Ltd.., has extensive experience resolving a wide range of tax problems for our clients in the Defiance, OH, area and will assist you in exploring the full scope of your available solutions. Additionally, if there is any way to minimize the financial impact of your tax controversy resolution, we will do everything possible to help you take full advantage of your options.


One of the most important reasons you have to hire a Defiance tax controversy attorney for your current situation is that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions to tax controversies. Every taxpayer requires an individualized solution to this type of problem, and it is not always easy to determine the best approach without legal counsel. Therefore, the first step in resolving your current tax controversy is finding the right attorney to represent you. An experienced Defiance tax controversy attorney can help you review the complex details of your situation, determine the best available solutions, and guide you through the process of resolving your tax controversy as painlessly as possible.

Mockensturm, Ltd.., has years of experience with a wide range of tax controversies. We understand that these cases are tedious, stressful, and difficult for the average person to fully understand. Therefore, we’ll start handling your case by carefully reviewing your correspondence with the relevant tax authorities. Once we read the notice you have received, we will then assist you in gathering the tax records you will need to resolve the issue. You may have more than one potential solution available, and we’ll carefully outline your options in close detail so you can make a fully informed decision as to how you can resolve the matter.

Some tax controversies are relatively easy to resolve, but completing the necessary forms and corresponding with the right offices at various levels can be difficult if you do not have extensive experience with local, state, and federal tax laws. If we can resolve your tax controversy without litigation, we will assist you in doing so as efficiently as possible. For example, you may simply need to pay a tax debt or fine to resolve your current issue. However, more substantial tax controversies can potentially lead to litigation in tax court.

In the event your tax controversy goes to trial, your Defiance tax controversy attorney will be an essential asset as you prepare for your proceedings. Unless you face criminal charges for tax evasion or tax fraud, your case unfolds in civil court. Similar to most other civil cases, there will be a discovery process in which all relevant evidence and records are shared and reviewed by both sides. The tax authority that filed the legal action against you will present their case, and your legal team will help you explain your side of the issue. Tax court litigation can potentially take months to resolve, and you can rely on the team at Mockensturm, Ltd.., to provide ongoing support and advice throughout these challenging proceedings.

How A Mockensturm Ltd. Lawyer Can Help

Your tax controversy case can easily appear as an incredible challenge once you first realize the severity of your situation. The City of Defiance Tax Department, the Ohio Department of Taxation, and the IRS can seem very imposing when it comes to their efforts to collect unpaid taxes, conduct audits, or issue tax penalties. Many people in this situation feel panicked and desperate to resolve these matters as quickly as possible. Mockensturm Ltd. can provide clarity and guidance during this challenging time, potentially helping you resolve your tax controversy much more easily than you initially anticipated.

Our team believes in client-focused legal counsel. We know that no two tax controversies are exactly alike, and any tax controversy has the potential to cause long-term economic strain to the taxpayer and their family or a business owner. Our team will thoroughly review your tax records and examine your correspondence with relevant tax authorities, helping you identify the root of the issue at hand. Once we determine your best available remedies, we will help you make an informed decision concerning the resolution of your tax controversy. Ultimately, our goal is to help you resolve the issue as quickly and affordably as possible.

If you are unsure how to address any controversy with a local, state, or federal tax authority, the team at Mockensturm Ltd. can help. Contact us today to schedule your case review with an experienced Defiance, OH, tax controversy attorney.