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Despite recent advances in LGBTQ legal rights, many LGBTQ individuals and couples still require specialized help and advice in tax, estate and business planning. LGBTQ people also encounter tax and legal professionals who do not understand their relationships or are even hostile to them. The professionals at Mockensturm, Ltd. have years of experience advising non-traditional individuals and families regarding the unique ways our legal systems affect them. You can be assured that at Mockensturm, Ltd., LBGTQ people will be treated with the respect and understanding they deserve.

Marriage Equality has solved many problems surrounding inheritance and home ownership in the LGBTQ community. However, there are still unique issues for LGBTQ couples that need to be considered. In fact, planning that was necessary in the past can interfere with new marriage rights. LGBTQ couples need to re-evaluate their documents and arrangements to make sure they are consistent with marriage and the wide range of rights and obligations that come with it.

There are also tax consequences surrounding marriage that LGBTQ people have never had to consider before . In fact, some people decide NOT to marry because of negative tax consequences. We’ll give you all the facts to allow you to make sound financial decisions about potential marriage and other, unique family relationships. Our LGBTQ services include:

  • LGBTQ tax planning
  • LGBTQ estate planning
  • LGBTQ property ownership agreements
  • LGBTQ prenuptial agreements

Laws and policies are increasingly favorable, yet complex, for LGBTQ individuals and families. The professionals at Mockensturm, Ltd. will help Toledo LGBTQ people sort out in a comfortable, understanding and accepting environment.