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Tax codes can be incredibly difficult to navigate. Tax controversies arise when individuals or businesses fail to meet their tax obligations on time and/or in full. Some of these cases arise from deliberate misconduct, but many others result from unintentional errors that lead to expensive tax debts and penalties. If you currently face any type of tax controversy in Michigan, it’s easy to feel isolated and uncertain about how to handle the situation. However, facing an enormous tax debt you did not expect is a distressing experience, and the tax controversy attorneys at Mockensturm Ltd. can provide the support you need in this challenging time.

Legal Counsel For Michigan Tax Controversies

The attorneys at Mockensturm Ltd. have extensive experience guiding clients in the Monroe, MI, area through difficult tax controversies. We understand that navigating tax codes and the rules enforced by the Michigan Department of the Treasury or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can be confusing for the average person, and you may not know all the available remedies to your current situation. We can provide guidance and support through every phase of your tax controversy case and help you reach a reasonable and manageable resolution to your tax debt.


You may have recently received notices from the Michigan Department of the Treasury, the IRS, or a collection agency concerning an owed tax debt. The administrative processes involved in the US tax system are extraordinarily complex, and many people who experience tax controversies had no idea about their tax status until the last possible moment. Suppose you feel blindsided by a tax controversy. In that case, you need professional legal support from a Michigan tax controversy lawyer who understands the tax codes as they apply to your situation and your available options for resolving your current case.

Mockensturm Ltd. offers a complete range of legal services for resolving tax problems. Our firm has years of experience assisting clients through all types of tax controversies, helping them settle owed tax debts for less than their total amounts due, and avoiding years of financial strain from burdensome tax penalties. While legal representation is not strictly required for navigating a tax controversy, it makes the entire process much easier to manage. Your tax controversy lawyer will know the legal mechanisms available to you in your current situation that can potentially help you minimize the amount you must pay.


It’s possible to face many different types of tax controversies. These cases most commonly arise from failure to pay taxes accurately. Sometimes this is done deliberately, but more often, these tax liabilities arise due to the taxpayer’s lack of awareness of the tax codes as they apply to their unique situations. When you choose Mockensturm Ltd. to represent you in a tax controversy case, we will carefully review the details of your situation and help you make an informed decision regarding your options for resolving it. Some of the most common tax controversies we help our clients resolve include:

  • Collections. When you have an unpaid tax debt owed to the Michigan Department of the Treasury or the IRS, these tax authorities will attempt to notify you and collect what you owe. However, if the debt remains unpaid for too long, these agencies often transfer these debts to collection agencies that are much more aggressive when it comes to seeking repayments. If you have been subjected to constant collections notifications, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by your circumstances. A tax controversy attorney can be the best asset to have on your side if you want to put a stop to collections activities against you and resolve your tax debt as quickly as possible.
  • Offers in Compromise. The Michigan Department of the Treasury and the IRS are often more flexible than many taxpayers expect when it comes to resolving unpaid tax issues. If you owe taxes, an Offer in Compromise can potentially help you resolve the debt for much less than you actually owe. This option requires extensive documentation and a compelling case that explains why you should qualify for an Offer in Compromise. A Michigan tax controversy lawyer can be instrumental in securing an Offer in Compromise that settles your tax debt and prevents further penalties from accumulating.
  • Audits. When the Michigan Department of the Treasury or the IRS encounters discrepancies in a taxpayer’s records, or if these agencies suspect an individual has been untruthful in their tax filings, the audit process is their preferred mechanism for investigating these matters. Facing an audit can be tremendously stressful, and it is easy to feel as though the system is working against you in this situation. Your tax controversy attorney can assist you in compiling all the documentation you will need to submit to the appropriate tax authorities.

When you are confronted with any tax controversy, it is essential to understand the potential penalties you face and your available legal options for resolving the situation as quickly as possible.

Any tax controversy could cause substantial legal proceedings and lead to heavy fines for the taxpayer. Resolving the issue will require following strict guidelines from the appropriate tax authorities, and legal support can be crucial in this situation. Mockensturm Ltd. will help you make an informed decision regarding your available options for resolving your tax controversy.


Time is a critical factor for any tax controversy case. If you or your business are located in Monroe, MI or the surrounding areas and are concerned about a tax issue, call our firm as soon as you are able. The longer it takes the taxpayer to resolve their issue, the more penalties will accrue and the greater the financial strain will be. Swift action is essential if you want to minimize your penalty and the amount you must pay to the Michigan Department of the Treasury, the IRS, or your local tax authority. Mockensturm Ltd. offers comprehensive and meticulous legal support for a wide range of tax controversies. If you are unsure how to approach your current tax case, we can help. Contact Mockensturm Ltd. today and schedule a consultation with our team to review your best available legal options.