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Tax Audit Representation For Businesses And Individuals in Maumee, OH

The prospect of tax audits can evoke different emotions, including apprehension and confusion. Tax audits are crucial, as they help ensure everyone follows the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules.

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What Triggers A Tax Audit?

There are specific factors that trigger tax audits. For individuals:

  • Discrepancies in reported income
  • Unusually high deductions
  • Failure to report income from various sources

Similarly, for businesses:

  • Irregularities in financial statements
  • Inconsistencies in expenses
  • Substantial changes in reported income

These irregularities can raise a red flag, prompting scrutiny from tax authorities.

What Should You Expect During An Audit Process?

Once chosen for an audit, individuals and businesses go through a structured examination of their financial records and tax returns. Typically, this process involves requests for documentation, interviews and sometimes on-site visits by auditors.

Audits can be daunting. Cooperation, transparency and organization are vital in making the process smooth.

How Can A Maumee Tax Lawyer Help?

When facing the possibility of having a tax audit in Maumee, individuals and businesses should seek the expertise of IRS tax lawyers. Experienced attorneys can:

  • Offer expert guidance on the audit process and interpret complex tax requirements
  • Represent you during interactions with tax authorities, including meetings, interviews, and correspondence
  • Gather, organize and present necessary documents to demonstrate compliance with tax laws
  • Explore options such as settlements or compromises to reduce possible penalties or liabilities
  • Develop strategies to challenge audit findings and seek a favorable resolution.

IRS lawyers are the best option for helping protect your interests.

Why Choose Mockensturm, Ltd., For Your Tax Problems?

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